The 9 Best Float Fishing Rods of 2022

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Last updated Aug 22, 2022
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Best float fishing rods

Float fishing is a popular game among every aged angler. The intense casting method, concentration of mind, and supreme control make this style of fishing exciting for fishing enthusiasts. 

Besides this excitement, there is a huge consequence every float fishing lover has to go through, which is a good fishing rod for float fishing. Float fishing is an intense technique combined with great control power. Only the best quality float fishing rods can help. 

Here the discomfort comes when you explore the market, with lots of dodging options and specifications. Without expert conception and throughout knowledge of various fishing gear, the task of sorting a good floater rod is depressive. 

But there is nothing to worry about because we have come up with the 9 best float fishing rod suggestions with exclusive review and a detailed buying guide for float fishing rods. All of the 9 recommendations are sorted, reviewed, and experienced by real-time fishing persons. 

So before you start, let’s have a quick ride over some basics of float fishing.

What is a float fishing rod? 

As the name suggests, a float fishing rod is the fishing rod that usually has a float attached near the hook bait. The float can be referred to as a bobber that is buoyant in nature. It’s light and easily levitating. Using a float fishing rod helps cast bait where you can’t reach due to water current or other disruption. It also responds as a bite indicator. However, any basic float rod can be divided into two parts lengthening from 10 to 15 feet. 

How to set up a float fishing rod?

Setting up a float fishing rod is nothing but a simple process. Hence a quick demonstration always helps.

The first thing you have to do to get your fishing rod ready is assemble the rod parts. Take your rod parts and join them with the previous ones’ edge. While doing this, make sure the eyes or line holes of the rods are falling in one straight line. 

Then attach your reel to the specific place and pull the line inside from the closet eye. Then repeat this until you reach the edge. And be careful you don’t miss out on one. Otherwise, you will end up with an imperfect casting. 

When you have the lines attached with the rod, it’s time to add up the float, split shot, and hook. 

What is a good line to use on float fishing rods? 

Defining specific line criteria is difficult as a good line for float fishing. Different games will need different requirements. Generally, lines light in weight, for example, 4lb to 8lb, are good to go with float fishing. 8lbs specially performs good for steelhead trout, and 4lb to 6lb are well-enough for salmon, carp, tench, and similar ones. However, when you are unsure about the fish, a monofilament line with a lightweight, thin texture and good strength will be perfect for a float fishing rod. 

Best Float Fishing Rods (Review) 

1. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods


  • Material: Graphite
  • Length: 7-feet 2pcs
  • Package Weight: 1 Kilogram
  • Action: Fast

The kastKing Perigee II is the perfect rod you need for the excitement you want from your game. Quality material, expert finish, and ergonomic design are the strengths of this solid rod for float fishing. 

As a material, you will get 24-ton Toray carbon on the rod. That is suitable for intense gaming while not feeling heavy in your hand. 

With this KasKing float rod, you can attain four different angles (0⁰, 45⁰, 90⁰, 135⁰), and you know how important it is when you are floating. 

Additionally, with a precision design, this super light rod has a high-strength reel seat, reliable EVA grip, and Saf-T keeper for hook holding. 

Al together makes this rod an outstanding option for moderate to fast action. With medium to heavy power adaptability. 

Things We’ve Liked The Most

  • The 2 pcs rod provides you with the correct action range for baitcasting on different float fishing levels. 
  • O-ring line guides will make line setup easiest ever.
  • Hybrid joints initiate effortless power transition to the rod blank. 
  • It’s so lite and set perfect that you will feel like holding a one-piece fishing rod. 
  • Comes with spare tips, so if one breaks you can rely on other ones.

Things Need Modifications

  • Compared to the price point, the rod is impressively powerful and has accurate action, but users are disappointed about its durability. 

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2. Cadence Spinning Rod

Cadence Spinning Rod


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Length: 6-feet 6-inch 2 pcs
  • Package Weight: 0.95 Kilograms
  • Action: Moderate fast

To take your float fishing game to the next level, Cadence has come up with this high-quality, powerful fishing float rod. 

In the making of this fishing rod, 30-ton carbon has been used. This material makes this rod blank sensitive to bait response and gives you proper strength and control on the blank. 

The EVA plus cork grip and carbon split grip offer you more flexibility while dealing with tricky chasing. 

While using this fishing rod for float fishing, you will enjoy how its stainless steel guide with SiC insert distributes the power where you need. 

Moreover, this Cadence CR5 also features a flexible Fuji reel seat and veiled carbon blank that is unique compared to this price range. 

Things We’ve Liked The Most

  • 2-piece perfect length parts fit stiffly and are easily removed. 
  • Lightweight, fast action makes it perfect for freshwater and inshore targets like bass, trout, redfish, etc. 
  • This rod serves the accurate vibration timing that you need for perfect baitcasting in float fishing. 
  • Frictionless lining perfect for stiff set up of float. 

Things Need Modifications 

  • This rod has impressive feedback from users for its all-over performance, and they demand more durability for a more satisfactory fishing experience. 

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3. Entsport E Series – Baitcasting Fishing Rod

tsport E Series - Baitcasting Fishing Rod


  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Length: 7 Feet
  • Package Weight: ‎0.18 Kilograms
  • Action: Fast

This Entsport 2-piece casting rod is another exclusive fishing rod option for float fishing. This rod’s power, action, weight, and grip are everything you need as a float fishing rod. 

The rod blank is made up of 24-ton carbon fiber. And this material is known and expected for fishing rods where you need supreme control without any heavy feeling in hand. 

You will require a strong and straight line with the least amount of friction possible on float fishing. And this floater rod for baitcasting exactly gives what you need.

Moreover, this power pack fishing rod allows you to utilize the highest action you need to chase your game at your current speed. 

The EVA handle, stiff reel seat, and overall flexibility make it perfect for float fishing and any other angling. 

Things We’ve Liked The Most

  • Professional design and great quality material will set your experience to the next level. 
  • The power and action are as accurate as you want. 
  • 2 piece design for perfect float fishing.
  • Spare tips if you break or lose one.

Things Need Modifications

  • Users are fully satisfied with this rod. They will appreciate the more durable performance.

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4. Sougayilang Baitcasting Fishing Rod

Sougayilang Baitcasting Fishing Rod


  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Length: 6-feet 9-inch
  • Weight: 8-17 lbs
  • Action: Fast

Sougayilang is a popular fishing accessories brand. This baitcasting rod from them is a quality option for float fishing. 

The rod blank is crafted from 30-ton carbon fiber. As an angler, you already know how efficient this material is to make a difference in terms of durable experience

You can make the perfect baitcasting move while floating fishing with this rod. It is lightweight yet powerful with high sensitivity. 

The twin-tip feature of the Sougayilang rod is another unique criterion. That allows you two different power, medium, and medium-heavy, at once so that you can enjoy a versatile fishing experience at a time. 

Moreover, the Spigot joint is another design specification that made this float fishing rod more amazing. You will feel its effectiveness during bending and power balance through the joint. 

Things We’ve Liked The Most

  • The powerful and perfect float gaming rod at this price point is unbelievable. 
  • Exclusive soft and stiff grip handle from none other than ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). 
  • Sensitive responses make it perfect for float fishing action. 

Things Need Modifications

  • In the process of facilitating the twin-tip performance, the tip has become a bit heavier than usual. 

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5. OKUMA Aventa Float Fishing Rod

OKUMA Aventa Float Fishing Rod


  • Material: Graphite, Metal
  • Length: 13-feet
  • Package Weight: 1.06 Kilograms
  • Action: Medium fast

The OKUMA float fishing rod is a fishing gear that every float fishing lover needs to have in their collection. The rod is strong, sensitive, and efficient

As the blank is made with graphite, or you can say carbon-fiber, there is no doubt about its strength and delicacy. While keeping the in-hand weight minimal, this blank gives you full flexibility to lure your target as you want. 

The guide control on this rod has aluminum oxide, which is rust and corrosion-proof. In the long run, this float rod is going to be your best companion

Other than that, the reel space and fore and rear grips on this floating fishing rod are perfectly positioned. You can have flexible experiences

Things We’ve Liked The Most

  • Smooth, stiff, and desired experience every time you cast your bait. 
  • Float fishing needs intense action, which is easily attainable from this float fishing rod. 
  • Long frame guides ensure good line control without causing any tangling. 

Things Need Modifications

  • The manufacturer needs to pay attention to the packaging process. It is raising disappointment among users.

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6. Shimano Casting Fishing Rods

Shimano Casting Fishing Rods


  • Material: Glass Fiber
  • Length: 7-feet 
  • Package Weight: 0.23 Kilogram
  • Action: Extra Fast

Casting rods are always considered a great arm for float fishing. And with this Shimano Casting fishing rod, you can get a memorable float fishing experience anytime. 

The fishing rod blank is made with unique glass fiber material. This material is almost like carbon fiber. At strength, it is better than some popular materials. 

As the sensitivity peaks at crucial moments, you will never miss your prey while float fishing and other game. The lite weight of this rod with the fastest action possible makes for more satisfactory float fishing. 

However, the Fuji O guide and reel seat are set on point on this floater fishing rod. Users especially like the reel spot, which is flexible, stiff, and perfectly positioned. 

The premium cork handles make it more user-friendly as cork is a good absorbent. It remains anti-slip on sweaty and wet hands. 

Things We’ve Liked The Most

  • Lightweight rod for the subtle floating game. 
  • Good length fishing rod for deep water. 
  • Exclusive rod option for casting light lures. 

Things Need Modifications

  • A spare tip would be more appreciable regarding the expensive price point. 

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7. Blood Run Fishing Float Rod 

Blood Run Fishing Float Rod 


  • Material: Graphite
  • Length: 13-feet
  • Action: Fast 

Like casting and spinning rods, centerpin rods are highly recommended for float fishing. This Blood runs centerpin rod is like a float fishing rod that makes your fishing experience exciting and enjoyable. 

This centerpin float rod is a new edition of Blood run. This float fishing rod, as usual, is made with carbon fiber or graphite. The material makes the rod super performing yet lightweight

On this float rod blank, you will have the perfect power and speed control that you need for moving fish like steelhead, salmon, and others.  

The tip of this 4-pcs Blood run float fishing rod shows great sensitivity even with the lightest lure. A traditional Portuguese cork handle with a secure aluminum reel seat has done proper justice to its sensitivity. 

Things We’ve Liked The Most

  • New, innovative, and better construction for a better fishing experience. 
  • You will enjoy the easy line guide over this centrepin float rod. 
  • Performs well with large and speedy prey.

Things Need Modifications

  • The pricing is a bit higher than other recommendations of this review series. 

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8. Saion Center PIN Float Fishing Rod

Saion Center PIN Float Fishing Rod


  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Length: 13 feet
  • Item Weight: 220 g
  • Action: Medium Fast

This Saion centrepin float rod is a carbon fiber construction that comes as a 4pcs package, large cork handle, and nature-inspired greenish color

Carbon fiber is a quality material for fishing rod blanks and accessories. This material keeps the rod’s weight optimum while providing full flexibility with a sensitive response

The unique green color blank parts easily fit and have great stiffness. Altogether make the desired length you need for deepwater float fishing. 

On the main blank parts, you will get cork that makes the grip anti-slippery, gives you lite control, and makes it look versatile

Moreover, the reel seat on this float rod is secured with a rubber frame. And the O-line guides make the final assembly simple and convenient. 

Things We’ve Liked The Most

  • Float fishing-friendly design for every float game. 
  • Good length and unique cork handle-based design for exclusive float fishing experience. 
  • Lite tips backed up with suitable power help you to chase fast-moving targets.

Things Need Modifications

  • Users have faced issues over the ring guide construction and durability. However, it’s a nice rod at a cheap price. It can be great for float fishing beginners.

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9. Lamiglas – X-11 Float Fishing Rod

amiglas - X-11 Float Fishing Rod


  • Material: Carbon fiber, Stainless Steel
  • Length: 10-Feet 6-inch
  • Package Weight: 0.23 Kilograms
  • Action: Fast

Lamiglass X-11 is the last but not the least recommendation of this float fishing rod series. This rod is great as a float rod, perfect for steelheads and salmon

You can use this 24-ton carbon rod every time you need good control with the lightest in-hand experience. Whether casting, spinning or floating, this rod goes with every technique

To do a perfect angle, you will need a precision tip design like this Lamiglas X-11. The medium power with fast action always keeps the balance you need for float fishing. 

Moreover, the stainless steel chrome guide is a plus feature for this exclusive float rod. The premium grip handles Pacific Bay deep pressed ring holds up the whole fishing experience impressively. 

Things We’ve Liked The Most

  • Balance of power and action is what you need exactly in float fishing. 
  • Great combination of two premium quality materials for a desirable experience. 
  • Exclusive gloss merlot finish increases the vibrance and makes this rod your ultimate float fishing companion.

Things Need Modifications 

  • Durability is not satisfied regarding the price point.

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How to Choose the Best Float Fishing Rods


Graphite carbon fiber is considered the most suitable material for any kind of fishing rod. While float fishing, you need maximum flexibility and strength from your rod.

And the fate of your game also depends on these specifications. So while looking for a new rod for float fishing, consider rods made with graphite, carbon fiber, and others with similar material. 


After material, the second-most thing is the length you have to ensure before buying a float fishing rod. In float fishing, you will require a longer rod than usual.

At least 7 feet and up to 15 feet. In float fishing, you have to cast your rod at long distances and in deeper depth.

However, there is one thing related to the length of the rod you have to think about before buying. While float fishing, you need to choose a clear area free of branches and obstacles. Otherwise, you can’t operate this long swiftly. 


Power is a powerful factor for a float fishing rod. It’s also closely related to the size of the target trophy you aimed for and the water type.

However, medium to heavy power rods are the safest option in all fishing scenarios. So choose a medium or medium to heavy rod for great float fishing experiences.


The action of a rod has always been impactful in float fishing. A fast-action float rod renders the perfect bend of a fishing blank. Also, provide sensitivity when casting a light lure for speedy prey. 

Frequently Asked Question

What is a waggler rod?

A waggler rod is a fishing rod that has only a float attached to the bottom end. It is highly suitable for tiny lures. And instead of shipping out in a pole, a waggler stiffly cast on rod and line. Waggler rods are great for intense float fishing.

What length of float rod should I get?

For general float fishing on freshwater like rivers and canals, a regular match, casting, or spinning rod length 12 to 13 feet would be great. A basic reel with 3 to 8 lbs of a line is also recommended for ultimate performance. 

What is a carp fishing rod?

A carp fishing rod is a casting rod you can combine with a good float and basic reel. The length should be 12ft, and the power requirement is medium to heavy. A 6 to 8lbs line with reel is also suggested for carp fishing. 

What feeder rod should I buy?

Well, it depends on which place you are choosing for fishing. Is it coastal, freshwater, or local canals? A rod around 9 feet would be great for casting within a short distance. And for more distance and depth, 11 to 12 feet are recommended.  


We know how much you are on to your fishing game. And that does not complete without experiencing float fishing. A lack of perfect gear can be the biggest hindrance to enjoying an exciting float fishing experience. 

But not anymore. With this write-up on the best float fishing rod, you can choose a perfect rod for your next float game. All of the options are highly appreciated and recommended by real users. 

We wish you a great game and the trophy of your dream with the help of our suggested float fishing rod.

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