3 Methods to Make a Fishing Rod

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Last updated Apr 4, 2022
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How to make a fishing rod

Fishing with a pole in your hand, sitting under the sun is a really fun experience. It will surely add to the fun if the fishing rod is made by yourself. Learning how to make a fishing rod, while being a fun experience in itself, can be useful as well when you find yourself alone in the wild.

Making a fishing rod yourself should not cost you a lot and doesn’t have to be a troublesome job. Rather you might be able to have a taste of the life of your forefathers who used to do things by themselves without relying on all the technology we have now.

A fishing rod can be made with a few different materials like PVC pipe, bamboo, or even a tree branch. We will discuss all the methods here in detail so that you can really be able to make a fishing rod for yourself and by yourself. Let’s get to work now… 

How to Make a Fishing Rod 

Fishing rods are usually made with steel, bamboo, or other strong material commercially. But if you want to make a fishing rod yourself then you cannot use all the materials they use in a factory. To make it yourself you can go for these options,

  •  PVC pipe
  •  Bamboo 
  •  Tree branch

We will discuss these three procedures in detail below.

Method : 1 – Fishing Rod with PVC Pipe

Materials needed

  • 2 PVC pipes
  • 2 slip caps ( one ½ inch, one ¾ inch)
  • Threaded connector (one female/male, one female/female)
  • Drill and 3/32 drill bit
  • Enough number of medium-sized binder clips
  • Fishing reel of your choice
  • Sandpaper 

Step-1: Cut the PVC pipes

Cut the PVC pipes

  • Cut the two PVC pipes to the desired length.
  • The combined length will be the length of your fishing pole.
  • The suggested length is 6-7 feet in total.
  • Use sandpaper to make the ends of the pipes smooth.

Step-2: Attach the slip caps

  • Attach the slip caps and connectors.
  • Slip each fitting onto each pipe as planned.
  • Do not glue them.

Step-3: Drill holes

  • Now drill holes on the smaller pipe.
  • Use a 3/32 drill bit for the drilling.
  • Drill 3-5 holes depending on your pole length.
  • Make sure the holes are evenly spaced.

Step-4: Attach the eyelets 

  • Take a number of binder clips to match the number of holes you have drilled.
  • These clips will serve as our eyes.
  • Use pliers to bend the clips.
  • Bend one of the legs of the wire across the other.
  • When you are done there should be a closed-loop and the legs should point inwards towards each other.
  •  Now clip the wire legs into either side of the hole on the pipe.
  • Repeat the process for all the clips.

Step-5: Attach the reel to the larger pipe

  • Buy a fishing reel of your choice.
  • Attach it to the larger pipe.
  • Drill two holes in the pipe and screw the reel into it.

Step-6: Attach the two pipes together

Attach the two pipes together

  • Attach the two halves together with slip caps.
  • Run the fishing line through the eyelets.
  • Finally attach a hook, a bobber, and a sinker at the end of the fishing rod.

Congratulations! you have successfully made your own PVC fishing rod. Let’s see how to make the other ones. 

Method : 2 – Fishing Rod with Bamboo

Materials needed

  • A bamboo cane (8-10 feet long, 1-2 inches in diameter)
  • Sandpaper 
  • Dracon fishing line

Step-1: Prepare the bamboo cane

Prepare the bamboo cane

  • Cut a bamboo according to the length mentioned above.
  • Cut 2-3 bamboo in case the one you are working on breaks.

Step-2: Trim and smooth the bamboo crane 

Trim and smooth the bamboo crane 

  • Trim away all the leaves and nubs from the cane.
  • Cut through the thicker end of a joint to make sure the pole has a closed end.
  •  Now use sandpaper to make the ends and the surface as smooth as possible.

Step-3: Let it dry 

  • Now attach a string to the thinner end of the cane and suspend it from the ceiling.
  • This will ensure the cane dries evenly.
  • This process can from days to months.
  • Do not dry it directly in the sun. Dry it in a warm, dry place.
  • When you see the color is changed take it out.
  • Give a few swings in the air to see if it breaks.
  • If not then it’s ready to be used.

Step-4: Attach your fishing line

Attach your fishing line

  • Take the Dracon fishing line and tie it two or three inches above the handle of the bamboo cane.
  • Now run it along the whole length of the cane to the end.
  • This will make sure that the pole bends all the way through while fishing.
  • And it will prevent the line from snapping back.
  • Now tie the line to the can with some extra Dracon line at two or three places.
  • Try to tie the line not too tightly or too loosely.
  • The length of the line should be the length of the pole and two feet extra.

Step-5: Give the finishing touch

Give the finishing touch

  • Attach a hook of your preference at the end of the line.
  • Also, attach a bobber and a hooker.

Your bamboo cane fishing rod is ready for fishing. Try it out!

Method : 3 – Fishing Rod with a Tree Branch

Materials needed

  • Strong and sturdy stick
  • Knife 
  • A fishing line of your choice

Step-1: Prepare the stick

  • First, cut the stick to a preferable size. 
  • Make sure there are no bumps or sticks on it.
  • Use a chopping tool and sandpaper to make sure that the surface is smooth enough.

Step-2: Attach the fishing line  

  • First, tie the fishing line to a thick string.
  • Tie the string to the stick a few inches inside the tip.
  • Tie about three to four feet long wire at the end of the fishing line to attach a hook.

Step-3: Finishing touch

  • Now attach the hook at the end of the fishing line.
  • The hook can be made from metal, boon, or wood, or you can buy one.

Now you are ready to fish with a simple handmade fishing rod.

Which Way is The Best?

Well, it depends on your particular situation and personal preference. Each of them has its pros and cons. Making a PVC fishing rod will require a little more craftsmanship than the other techniques. But it has its advantages like it is the quickest way of making a strong fishing rod.  

Making a bamboo one will take quite a long time. But it looks good and will give you an ancient feel. But if you are in a hurry and don’t have all the resources the go with the last technique. Making a simple rod with a tree branch will fulfill your need just as much.

And if you consider the materials you will need and their cost then making a PVC one require more components and more money. A bamboo fishing rod will cost a lot lesser. And you can make one with tree branches at practically no cost and that’s the whole point of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to make a fishing rod?

It will depend on your choice of material. You can always bring a professional maker to build you one. And you can spend up to 600$ on your custom-made fishing rod. But if you want to do it in a simple way as discussed above then you should be able to do it in as low as 20$.

What can I use as a hook?

You can use metal, bone, wood, or even soda can tabs as a hook. There are tutorials available online on exactly how to do it. It’s a quite simple task. Do it with whatever material you can find easily. 

Why do I need to dry the bamboo before using it?

If the bamboo is not dry enough and has moisture in it, then it won’t be very durable. It can break if a heavy load or force is applied. But when it is dried enough it becomes resilient and durable.

What is needed to make a fishing rod?

A fishing rod can be made with different materials like PVC pipe, bamboo, or tree branches. With one of these, you will need some other components depending on what you choose. But in all cases, you will need a good knife, some sandpaper, a fishing line, and a hook.

How long does it take to make a fishing rod?

If you are new to this, it may take a little longer. But even so, you should be able to make it in like 2-3 days with 6-8 hours of work in total. If you want to make a fishing rod with a bamboo cane then remember you will have to dry it for days even months. 


After reading our discussion on how to make a fishing rod, you should have all the information on this topic. We have discussed each method step by step in great detail. We have mentioned three techniques of making a fishing rod by yourself at home. Choose the best one for you.

Each technique has its own benefits and shortcomings. Making a PVC one is the quickest way to long-term happiness but as mentioned before it will take some expertise with the drill machine and will cost more than the other methods. Bamboo will cost less but will take more time.

Making it with a tree branch is the simplest way without any doubt but it won’t give you a long-lasting fishing rod. So, make your decision based on your situation. Follow the steps accordingly for the particular method. And show your enthusiasm and craftsmanship. Good luck.

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